The PROBLEM with

Janet Protasiewicz

Here's what respected news sources say about Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz:

March 29, 2023

Low bail and short sentences to criminals

Janet Protasiewicz's politicking, record on bench disqualify her from Supreme Court

"The records of the two candidates for Supreme Court make Dan Kelly the obvious choice on that standard. Janet Protasiewicz has been campaigning by sharing her “values,” telegraphing her political preferences to voters with a brazen audacity beyond anything we’ve seen in the modern history of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. And her record on the bench is equally disqualifying, displaying a consistent pattern of giving low bail and short sentences for violent criminals. No wonder sheriffs, district attorneys, and law enforcement unions are backing Kelly."

Allegations of abuse:

"During an editorial board meeting with the Journal Sentinel, Judge Janet Protasiewicz answers allegations that she abused her first husband and has used the N-word."

March 28, 2023

Light sentencing for violent felon

Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court Nominee Let Off Domestic Abuser. He Was Later Convicted of Attempted Murder.

"Liberal Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate Janet Protasiewicz sentenced a serial violent felon to just six months in prison for breaking his estranged wife's face in a brutal beating. Less than one year later, the man gunned down the same victim outside her home, nearly killing her, according to court records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon."

March 27, 2023

Easy on crime

Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate gave probation to domestic abuser who later killed two people, burned bodies

"A Milwaukee County judge running for a seat on the state’s Supreme Court, who has faced backlash over what critics describe as being soft on crime, suspended the prison sentence of a convicted domestic abuser before he went on to kill two people in 2019...

In January 2016, Protasiewicz suspended Neumann's 18-month prison term and placed Neumann on probation for two years under certain conditions, including "absolute sobriety" and taking anger management classes.

Six months later, while still on probation, Neumann was accused of stealing property and convicted of a misdemeanor. The Journal Sentinel reported that Neumann was still on probation in April 2018, when Protasiewicz sought to modify the 18-month sentence. A new judge on the case, however, noted that Neumann had been cited for helping a woman burn her ex-boyfriend's car and denied the request, the report said.

Less than a year later, Neumann was convicted for killing his two employees."

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