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We are the New Prosperity Foundation, and we’re here to fight for the survival of our economy, our families and our communities.

The New Prosperity Foundation was created by people who believe that one of government’s main goals should be encouraging economic growth by removing unnecessary impediments and promoting predictable and fair tax policies. We believe in a balanced and common-sense approach to regulations, and that the greatest social program possible is a free-market economy which encourages the growth of good-paying jobs.

Unfortunately, over the past decade, our federal and state governments have strayed from that philosophy. Too often, employers are viewed as under-taxed sources of bottomless financing to grow government. While we recognize the need for fair taxes, the benefits of prosperity through a truly free enterprise system have too often been ignored. Balance is the key, and we seek to restore it.

For these and other reasons, the New Prosperity Foundation will be using resources to educate voters about issues and candidates having a direct effect on economic growth. Money raised to promote our communication in any given state will be earmarked for that state, and no punches will be pulled in making our points.

If you can help us, click HERE to contribute to our quest to create a new, prosperity-focused economy in this nation.

Ronald J. Gidwitz
Gregory W. Baise

Co-chairmen, New Prosperity Foundation

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